1. Anyone caught cheating will be banned from all future tournaments and forfeit any entry fees and club dues that have been paid up until that point.
  2. All Director decisions are final! Any complaint or protest must be made known to the Director Team prior to weigh-in.
  3. Limit of 5 fish, measuring in accordance with all State regulations. 
  4. All fish MUST be brought to the scales in a bag with adequate water. Any fish brought to the scale not in a bag will not be weighed.
  5. No alcohol shall be consumed before or during tournament hours. Anyone caught drinking during tournament hours will be disqualified for that event.
  6. There is one dead fish allowed per team without penalty.  - RULE CHANGE FOR 2020 SEASON 
  7. Any short fish brought to the scale will result in the loss of the short fish, plus the team’s largest fish.
  8. Any team that is arriving late to the tournament must notify the Director in order to be eligible to weigh fish that tournament.
  9. A team that is five (5) or more minutes late for weigh-in will be disqualified for that specific tournament, but will be awarded their "show up" points. A team that is late between one (1) and four (4) minutes will be penalized with a one pound deduction per minute late.
  10. In order to be eligible for the "Classic" tournament, a team must pay the entry fee for eight (8) of the ten (10) events and must be present for six (6) of the regular season tournaments.
  11. Each team is allowed to use an alternate three times during the "regular season".
  12. No alternates are allowed to fish the Classic. Must fish with the original partner.  In extenuating circumstances, Directors can allow for modification.
  13. The Angler Team of the Year in the season standings will be rewarded by fishing the Classic for free.  In the event there is a tie, the team with the highest cumulative total weight from the year will be awarded the position.
  14. The Angler Team of the Year will be awarded with plaques and undermined prizes. This money will come from the Club's Operating fund. If case of a tie for first place, the Angler Team of the Year will be determined based upon cumulative total weight for the regular season.
  15. All teams are required to sign the club's liability waiver prior to fishing their first tournament.